Baseball Isn’t Boring, YOU’RE Boring

I have the same conversation multiple times per year. “Ugh, baseball is so boring,” people tell me when I bring up ― what will always be ― the national pastime. And every year I have to lay out the reasons why I think that, no, baseball is great, it’s you that’s boring.  I’m not going […]

Bronwen Sciortino: What To Do When You Feel Like You’re Stuck In Your Own Life

It’s perfectly acceptable to make up your own rules now that you’re an adult. Let’s face it: your life is stuck because you’re playing by everyone else’s rules, and if you’re stuck that’s a pretty clear indication that it’s not working for you. Read more: Women, Leadership, Personal Development, Stress, Women News Personal Development on […]

Rachael Yahne: Super Simple Ways To Be Healthier (When You’re Lazy AF)

Remember that it’s all about making it simple and accessible to YOU and your needs. We both know that if you’re the lazy-healthy type, it all comes down to making health realistic and practical while taking away the options of temptations. Read more: Healthy Living, Healthy Living Tips, How to Be Healthy, How to Eat […]