New Driver Study Reveals Britain’s Ten Worst Driving Habits

17million UK drivers admit to road rage tendencies Britain’s roads are rife with bad, and often dangerous, driving habits, that’s according to a study by business driving expert, The Fuelcard Company, which has identified the top ten driving faux pas being committed on the nation’s roads.The study questioned 1,000 drivers across the UK and discovered […]

‘The Worst Miss In Soccer History’ Really Is That Awful

Either an act of God or ungodly ineptitude could have stopped this soccer player from scoring a goal. Chalk this one up to the latter. Deadspin called it “literally the worst miss in soccer history.” And we can’t disagree. Even if you had a kid who was the worst player in his AYSO chapter and […]

The Worst TV Sports Show in History?

They tell a story about Norm Van Brocklin, the former Oregon University and NFL quarterback (a member of pro football’s Hall of Fame) and later coach of the Minnesota Vikings and Atlanta Braves. Van Brocklin, who was nicknamed “the Dutchman,” was known by friend and foe alike for being–how should we say this?–extremely blunt. He […]