Republicans Just Made It Easier For Employers To Hide Workplace Injuries

WASHINGTON ― The Republican-led Congress moved to dismantle yet another corporate regulation on Wednesday, in a move that safety experts say will make it easier for employers to hide serious workplace injuries from the government. The Senate voted 50-48 to strike down a rule issued late in Barack Obama’s presidency that requires large employers to […]

There Is Still Work Ahead For Workplace Equity

Eight years ago today, landmark legislation was enacted in the name of women’s equality activist Lilly Ledbetter to advance equal pay. Today’s anniversary is a reminder that while we’ve made strides to end pay inequality, the persistence of the gender and racial wage gap means we’ve got much more work to do. According to the National […]

2016 Edenred-Ipsos Barometer: Are Millennials so different from their elders in the workplace?

The millennials[1] are regularly described as employees with a team spirit who have difficulty accepting a hierarchical structure and who no longer view their salary as the only motivating factor but instead are looking for a sense of accomplishment in their work. The portrait often drawn up is that of a generation which is keen […]

Sara Uzer: 3 Things You Need to Balance in the Workplace (Work-Life Not Included)

None of us are strangers to the phrase “work-life balance” — whether it’s something we remind ourselves to be cognizant of, or a concept that we have a fairly good handle on. Read more: Workplace, Balance, Millennials, Personal Development, Career Advice, Business News Personal Development on Huffington Post

Sarah Deane: How to Close the Confidence Gap for Women in the Workplace

The Confidence Gap is being highlighted more and more as a reason as to why women may not be achieving all that they can in the workplace. Multiple s… Read more: Self-Help, Self-Esteem, Self-Improvement, Confidence, Women, Women in Business, Women's Empowerment, Leadership, Personal Development, Women News Personal Development on Huffington Post