There Is Still Work Ahead For Workplace Equity

Eight years ago today, landmark legislation was enacted in the name of women’s equality activist Lilly Ledbetter to advance equal pay. Today’s anniversary is a reminder that while we’ve made strides to end pay inequality, the persistence of the gender and racial wage gap means we’ve got much more work to do. According to the National […]

Apple Emoji Finally Acknowledge That Women Work Out, Too

Women run, lift weights and surf and win a ton of Olympic medals too. But until yesterday’s major Apple iOS 10 update, you wouldn’t have known that by looking at the emoji keyboard. Now, thanks to the update that became available for download this week, comes a lineup of awesome new emoji that feature women running, playing basketball, […]

Elizabeth Grace Saunders: Make Time for Growth Assignments in Your Daily Work

Your job probably includes some responsibility for researching new trends or dreaming up innovative ideas. Lucky you! Alas, if you’re like most people… Read more: Real Life E, Elizabeth Grace Saunders, Personal Development, Job Skills, Time Management, Career Goals, Business News Personal Development on Huffington Post