Architect Wants To Turn Old Subway Cars Into Housing For Homeless

Now here’s a housing solution we can get on board with. When a famed Washington, D.C., architect learned of the city’s plan to scrap several fleets of old subway cars, he thought up a better use for the retired models. If Arthur Cotton Moore has his way, some of the outdated Metro cars could be turned into […]

Laurie Hernandez Wants To Be The Latina Role Model She Never Had

Laurie Hernandez knows that her accomplishments could inspire young Latinas hoping for Olympic greatness.  The 16-year-old gymnast, gold medalist, best-selling author and “Dancing With The Stars” winner is one the many subjects of MTV and the Association of National Advertisers’ #SeeHer campaign. In her video for the campaign, Hernandez noted she didn’t have U.S. Latina […]

Richard Sherman Wants To Talk About Police Shootings, Not The Game

Richard Sherman is well known for his unconventional approach to press conferences ― and on Wednesday, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback took the stage to let reporters know what’s really on his mind. Sherman started his weekly presser with a few words on the Seahawks’ upcoming game against the San Francisco 49ers. Then he told reporters […]