American Airlines Worker Dares Passenger To ‘C’mon, Hit Me’ In Ugly Confrontation

In the latest dust-up on a U.S. plane, an American Airlines employee was captured on video challenging a passenger and saying, “C’mon, hit me” during a tense showdown on a flight from San Francisco. Tempers flared on Flight 591 to Dallas, Texas, on Friday less than two weeks after a passenger was dragged off a United […]

Walmart Unveils New Lines Of Ugly Apples And Potatoes

Walmart has started to see the beauty in ugly produce. The nation’s largest grocer announced a new initiative on Tuesday to sell “ugly” apples in 300 Florida stores, according to a blog from the company. Beginning in May, the company also started selling misshapen potatoes that would have otherwise been wasted in and around Texas. These are […]