21 Reasons Why Amy Schumer Was The One True Hero Of 2015

We are not worthy. Because she was without a doubt this year’s — no, this century’s — champion of prank sexts: Because she was refreshingly honest about the true plight of being a woman: Because she crashed this Game of Thrones cast pic and actually lived to tell the tale. Instagram: @amyschumer View Entire List […]

Erin McElroy: Climbing Literal and Figurative Mountains — A True Dream Story

After talking about this for over a week, tomorrow we’ll be waking up at two in the morning to begin our trek to the summit of Cerro Ishinca, maxing… Read more: Dream, Dreams, Dream Work, Meaning of Dreams, Personal Development, Personal Growth, Spiritual Development, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality, Peru, Books, Writing, Mountains, Life, Inspiration, Spiritual Practice, […]