Michael Mamas: What Really Drives Your Life? Thoughts, Feeling… Or Wisdom?

Aspire to integrate your wisdom, the depth of your being, with the surface of your life. Ask yourself what you really feel about something deep inside. Look to that place that is untouched by programmed emotions and thoughts. Question why you feel the way that you feel, why you think the way you think. Read […]

Margaret Paul, Ph.D.: Thoughts That Energize, Thoughts That Deplete

Our thoughts either energize us or deplete us. Many of us are addicted to the self-judgment that deplete us by energizing our ego wounded self. Why … Read more: Personal Development, Ego, Emotional Wellness, Emotional Health, Spirituality, Spirit, Compassion, Self-Help, Self-Compassion, Healthy Living, Healthy Living Health News, Margaret Paul, Inner Bonding, Healthy Living News Personal […]

David Bennett: Crystallizing Thoughts for Winter

In the cold crisp air of winter and with the short day length we tend to slow and often use winter as a time for reflection and planning. Just as th… Read more: Meditation, Contemplation, Concentration, Personal Development, GPS for the Soul News Personal Development on Huffington Post