Charles Barkley: ‘We Shouldn’t Have Just 3 Good Teams’

Charles Barkley is famously outspoken, so when we got the chance to hear his thoughts on the current state of basketball, we had to take it. One of the hosts of the Emmy Award-winning “NBA on TNT,” Barkley ― who captured league MVP honors in 1993 and earned 11 All-Star appearances ― spoke with The […]

Jeremy Lin Teams Up With Asian-American ‘Hulk’ In New Comic Book

Jeremy Lin has now dribbled his way into the pages of a comic book.  The Brooklyn Nets point guard was featured as a character in Marvel’s “The Totally Awesome Hulk” #13, which was released last week. Since this particular incarnation of the Hulk is an Asian-American named Amadeus Cho, comic writer Greg Pak felt it […]

Gordon Tredgold: Are Winning Teams Bought Or Developed

When it comes to creating great teams, is it best to develop your own staff or is it better to a recruit a team of great people and then look to mold … Read more: Leadership, Winning, Personal Development, Business News Personal Development on Huffington Post

Colin Kaepernick’s Pig Socks Can’t Be As Bad As This Football Team’s Name

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick said his socks depicting police officers as pigs are part of a personal protest against “rogue cops” who endanger their well-intentioned colleagues and the community.  Photos of Kaepernick wearing the socks surfaced Thursday, insulting law enforcement, stirring controversy and vaulting the quarterback back into the news. Kaepernick had another front-page moment […]

There Are 6 Pro Teams That Don’t End In “S.” Can You Name Them?

There are only 6 teams across the NBA, NFL, and MLB that DO NOT end with the letter “S.” Can you name them all? Just football, basketball, and baseball here – hockey and soccer would just muddle this. And no, “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” doesn't count. Can you do this in two minutes? BuzzFeed […]

Are These NFL Football Teams Or Nah?

A real challenge for those of us who know less about sports. BuzzFeed – Sports

Piper teams up with Life360 to protect the family in and out of the home

Partnership offers enhanced security features for families on the go London, 8 December 2015 – Piper, the all-in-one home security solution powered by Icontrol Networks and designed for mobile, today announced a partnership with Life360, the leading Family Network used by more than 50 million families to privately share their locations and stay connected. The […]