Surfing Great Claims Women’s Periods Cause Shark Attacks

Turns out being one of the most admired surfers in the world doesn’t make you immune from promoting bad ― and blatantly false ― science. TMZ subjected Laird Hamilton to one of its impromptu TV interviews in Malibu Wednesday, and it didn’t go well for the surfing great. The interview started off smoothly, with the crew […]

This Family Of Surfing Pigs Is A Pixar Movie Waiting To Happen

This unlikely family is creating a surfing legacy, one little piglet at a time. When the world met Kamapua‘a — known as Kama the Surfing Pig — in 2014, he became an overnight celebrity, surfing up a storm with his owner Kai Holt on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Now, after two years in the spotlight, Kama has […]

Skateboarding And Surfing Are Very Close To Becoming Olympic Sports

The International Olympic Committee is one step away from adding skateboarding, surfing and several other sports to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games — a change it says would be the “most comprehensive evolution” of the Olympic program in modern history. The proposed package — which also includes karate, sports climbing and baseball/softball — offers “a key […]

Big Wave Surfing Finally Gives Women The Recognition They Deserve

The fight for gender equality in Big Wave surfing just edged closer. First, the World Surf League announced on April 20 that it would include a women’s event during its annual Big Wave World Tour for the first time in the league’s history. Then women surfers made waves again last Sunday, when Keala Kennelly became the […]

In The Future, We Could All Be Surfing In Hazmat Suits

Think of Los Angeles tourist hotspot Venice Beach and certain sun-splashed images flock to mind: jacked-up body builders, bikini-clad roller bladers, drum circles, hula hoops, belly button rings and henna tattoos. HAZMAT suits, though? Not so much… yet. Washington-based photographer Michael Dyrland imagines a not-so-distant d… Sports – The Huffington Post