Welfare For Wall Street: Fees On Retirement Accounts

How would we feel about being taxed $ 1,000 a year to provide six figure salaries to people in the financial sector? Business and Finance News, Opinion and Analysis – HuffPost Business

Asian Couple Buys Affluent San Francisco Street Once Restricted To Whites Only

In 1906, Presidio Terrace was advertised as the city’s only neighborhood where non-whites couldn’t live. Business and Finance News, Opinion and Analysis – HuffPost Business

#NotACrime: Street Artist ELLE Promotes Education Equality Through Public Murals

Originally from California and now based in New York and Los Angeles, ELLE is one of the elite, in a world dominated by men. … via JustLuxe.com JustLuxe: Luxury News and Reviews

‘Wall Street Bro’ Humping ‘Fearless Girl’ Statue Is Why We Need Feminism

One bro in a suit wants to remind the world that misogyny is alive and well. Days after an investment management firm installed the “Fearless Girl” statue in front of The Charging Bull in downtown New York, one man decided it was time to hump the statue. The lewd act was photographed by Alexis Kaloyanides […]

Psychological and Economic Deception Main Tools Utilized by Wall Street

A man has free choice to the extent that he is rational. St. Thomas Aquinas It is possible if one takes the right actions to make money and remain relatively unscathed in such an environment. One cannot say the same for the masses because they are walking with their eyes wide shut. In other words, […]