Erin McElroy: Climbing Literal and Figurative Mountains — A True Dream Story

After talking about this for over a week, tomorrow we’ll be waking up at two in the morning to begin our trek to the summit of Cerro Ishinca, maxing… Read more: Dream, Dreams, Dream Work, Meaning of Dreams, Personal Development, Personal Growth, Spiritual Development, Spiritual Growth, Spirituality, Peru, Books, Writing, Mountains, Life, Inspiration, Spiritual Practice, […]

The Rickie Fowler Story: Do Not Let Other Peoples’ Labels Define You

People will put labels on us: Overrated, underrated, too small, too old, can’t win the big one, not fast enough, not smart enough, too inexperienced, etc. Most of the time, these labels are meant to demean us or put us down. But all that matters in life is how we react to those labels. Those […]