Is Donald Trump President, Or Have I Suffered Some Type Of Brain Damage?

If I got hit on the head, and was asked ― as a way of testing my mental bearings ― who the president of the United States currently is, would I be confident enough that I hadn’t incurred some type of brain damage?  Like, I’m pretty sure I know, but … that can’t be right! The […]

Trump’s Trade Rep Pick Gets Some Actual Praise From Progressives

WASHINGTON ― Robert Lighthizer, President-elect Donald Trump’s choice to serve as the next U.S. trade representative, is drawing some positive reviews from progressive critics of current U.S. trade policies. They look at his history and predict he’ll prioritize greater enforcement of existing trade laws ― to the benefit of American workers ― over signing onto new […]

Christmas Holiday Hours for Some Major Stores

Forget something? Run out of wrapping paper? Coffee? Beer? Just need a break from the house? Walgreen’s, Starbucks and many other retailers will be open. Christmas