German Soccer Team Kneels During Game In Solidarity With NFL Players

“For a tolerant Berlin and an open-minded world, now and forevermore!” Sports

NFL Players Buy Xbox For 10-Year-Old Boy Wearing Colin Kaepernick Jersey

The players complimented his jersey before buying him a birthday gift. Sports

NFL Players Protest Trump And Racism In Games Across The Country

Football players have been galvanized by criticism from the president. Sports

Medics On Football Sidelines Must Have The Fortitude To Throw In The Towel For Players

These professionals may be the last line of defense protecting players from longterm head injury. Sports

Football’s Concussion Crisis Is Killing Former High School Players, Too

Everyone knows about the NFL’s association with brain injury. But people who never get there also face a very real threat. Sports

We Need To Stop Comparing Serena Williams To Men’s Tennis Players

Asking how Williams would fare against men is an insult to one of the greatest athletes ever. Sports

13 MLB Players Denounce Repression And Deaths In Their Native Venezuela

ÚLTIMA HORA | VIDEO- Jugadores venezolanos de las Grandes Ligas alzan su voz contra la represión en Venezuela #8May — Alberto Rodríguez (@AlbertoRT51) May 8, 2017 Thirteen Major League Baseball players added their voices to the chorus of Venezuelans abroad denouncing repression in their country.  The group is featured in a video posted Monday by […]

Roger Goodell Thinks Marijuana Is ‘Addictive’ And Bad For NFL Players. He’s Wrong.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell thinks marijuana is “addictive” and generally bad for football players, and won’t change his stance until his advisers prove that it’s medically beneficial. Goodell wouldn’t budge when questioned on ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike” Friday morning, claiming that he had the players’ safety in mind. “Listen, you’re ingesting smoke so that […]