If Only Someone Had Deflated Tom Brady’s Poufy Hair In High School

All-American Uggs wearer and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady hasn’t always been so ridiculously good-looking. Like us mortal humans, he went through a bit of an awkward phase in high school. Never fear, we have photographic proof!  The five-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback recently posted a picture from his freshman year in high school and his hair […]

Why This Big Wave Surfer Is Only Interested In Tackling The Biggest Monsters

Andrew Cotton is determined to find the biggest, steepest, gnarliest wave in the world to surf. Then he’s going to look for an even bigger wave. “I’m searching for the biggest wave, and that search is never ending,” the British plumber turned professional surfer told CNN Thursday. Cotton said he searches for the “void” in […]

Weekend Roundup: China Is Now the Only Major Power With a Global Outlook

President-elect Donald Trump’s “America First” policy marks an historic withdrawal from the world the United States has largely made. His administration can’t stop globalization, only diminish America’s role in governing it. For better or worse, that leaves China, the world’s second-largest economy, as the only major power with a global outlook. In a YouTube video this […]