Dog Interrupts Soccer Game For 7 Minutes And Becomes The Star Attraction

Dogs interrupting sporting events has a beloved place on the internet, but this playful pooch may have outdone them all. Viral video shows an agile beagle avoiding the grasp of players, officials and fans for about 7 minutes during Saturday’s British soccer match between Skelmersdale United and host Halesowen Town, the Sun reports. These two clubs […]

Diana Mae Fernandez: How to Enhance Your Life in 7 Minutes, Daily

I promise you that shifting your mindset to invest seven minutes of your every day to enhancing your life will be the best gift you can give yourself in 2016. Read more: Healthy Living, Self-Help, Personal Development, Time Management, Creativity, Soul, Life Coach, Business Coach, Diana Mae Fernandez, Nourishment, Affirmation, Healthy Living News Personal Development […]