How Investors Can Identify Stock Market Cycles

Stock market cycles are something of an enigma — if investors generally know they exist, why don’t they get out at the peaks, and buy back in when the market is down? The better you understand the dynamics of market cycles, the better you can take advantage of them rather than being victimized by them. […]

#RayReviews the best iPhone lens on the market – the Zeiss…

#RayReviews the best iPhone lens on the market – the Zeiss ExoLens. Mashable

Assuring Price Integrity In a Dysfunctional Market: Introducing the HECM Reverse Mortgage Price Checker

You are a senior who finds an advertisement for reverse mortgages appealing, except that you don’t trust ads to tell the whole truth about anything. You have a well-justified fear that if you respond to the ad, a glib sales person will take over the process, perhaps seducing you into a deal that you will […]