LaVar Ball Blames White Players For UCLA Loss In NCAA Tournament

LaVar Ball is the controversial dad of NBA prospect Lonzo Ball of UCLA and two younger sons starring in high school. He has ticked off LeBron James, said outrageous things such as claiming that he could’ve beaten Michael Jordan one-on-one back in the day, and has reportedly meddled in the coaching of his brood. But a […]

Why Car Rental Customers Are Losing It Over ‘Loss of Use’

After Julie Thomason wrecked her rental car, she expected a repair bill. But she didn’t anticipate a $ 1,000 invoice for something called “loss of use.” No one ever does. “Loss of use” is a car rental concept that, on the surface, seems reasonable. If you damage a car and it has to get repaired, […]

Cleveland Indians Fans Are Not Reacting Well To World Series Loss

The 2016 World Series was one for the history books. In Game 7 on Wednesday, the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians 8-7, becoming World Series champions for the first time in 108 years. Regardless of your team affiliation, it was one thrilling game, with a leadoff homer by the Cubs, a game-tying home run by the […]

Nadal Out Of U.S. Open After Upset Loss To France’s Pouille

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Young Frenchman Lucas Pouille scored a stunning, five-set upset over 14-times grand slam singles champion Rafa Nadal, winning a climactic tiebreak 8-6 to reach the U.S. Open quarter-finals on Sunday. Displaying poise beyond his years, the 22-year-old Pouille took charge early and led two sets to one, then rebounded after sagging […]

Pissed Off Irish Boxer Michael Conlan Flips The Bird At Olympic Judges After Controversial Loss

Irish boxer Michael Conlan gave Olympic judges a clear message on Tuesday, extending his middle finger in their direction after being hit with a highly controversial loss by decision to Russia’s Vladimir Nikitin.  “I’ll never box for AIBA again, they’re cheating bastards,” he said after the fight, referring to the Amateur International Boxing Association, according […]