George Karl’s Criticism Of Carmelo Anthony Serves As Proof Why It Is Important That Black Men Mentor Black Youth

Sports has long been considered as having value beyond entertainment. The benefits of sports have included instilling discipline and teamwork for youth in need of guidance. Sports helps young men and women experience the thrill of victory and provides opportunities to learn from defeat. Participation in sports has given confidence to children who previously lacked […]

Why Is Roller Derby Important To So Many Queer Women?

Roller derby holds a ton of significance for many queer people ― especially queer women ― and a new coloring book aims to pay homage to the sport. Derby player Margot Atwell is in the process of developing Color Jam: Roller Derby Coloring Book, a project that celebrates both roller derby and the people who […]

The NCAA’s Diversity Pledge Is An Important Step On The Path To Inclusion

Questions of diversity, equity and inclusion are at the forefront of the nation’s cultural agenda–manifest in election politics and on college and university campuses which have seen engagement and activism on a myriad of issues. I believe that each forum and each discussion on these issues moves our institutions forward and leads to self-improvement and […]