Luxe Home Trend: Velvet Furnishings

If you’re looking to rejuvenate or add a modern piece to your decor, velvet furniture is the end-all be-all for home furnishings this year. … via JustLuxe: Luxury News and Reviews

Little League Hits A Home Run With Its Hilarious Sign For Parents

A photo of a funny sign at a Little League game has become a hit. Evan Primakow, the father of a 7-year-old in Milwaukee, was watching his son play in the “rookie” league of Glendale Little League when he noticed a sign posted on a field’s fence. He liked the message, so he decided to […]

Russians At Home And In America Expect Trump To Deliver — But On What Depends

While the American people may be divided over Donald Trump’s presidency, most Russians at home and in the U.S. support Trump. Russia quite uniformly celebrated the new U.S. president’s inauguration on a grand scale, and though the excitement was slightly toned down this past week ― with more moderate hopes and embraces of Trump’s first […]

In Turkey’s Home of St. Nick, Far From North Pole, All Is Not Jolly

’Tis true, children: St. Nick lived in what is now Turkey. He was not fat, but legend has it he dropped gifts down people’s chimneys. Christmas

Let It Glow! With Lasers, a Holiday Home Decorating Craze Takes Off

An electronic gizmo called Star Shower has disrupted the holiday-decorating industry. Makers of traditional string lights are unconcerned. Christmas

Getting Your Home Holiday-Ready

If you act now, there is still time to make your home feel fresh and festive — without a major overhaul. Christmas