Little League Hits A Home Run With Its Hilarious Sign For Parents

A photo of a funny sign at a Little League game has become a hit. Evan Primakow, the father of a 7-year-old in Milwaukee, was watching his son play in the “rookie” league of Glendale Little League when he noticed a sign posted on a field’s fence. He liked the message, so he decided to […]

Tony Romo’s Kids Are Kind Of Hilarious

Tony Romo may be a football star, but his sons are on track to steal the spotlight.  The Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback joined Instagram earlier this month, and he’s since posted a collection of hilarious and adorable videos starring his sons, 4-year-old Hawkins and 3-year-old Rivers. Romo’s first video showed a little backyard football practice with the […]

17 Hilarious Tweets About Bernie Sanders That Are So Spot On

“Bernie looks like the guy in disaster movies who knows what’s coming but no one listens to cause his hair bad and he keep dropping his papers.” View Entire List › BuzzFeed – Culture