The Heart Of College Athletics Is Still In NCAA Division III

One of the first stories I wrote in this space almost five years ago was a story about the heart of college athletics and amazingly it still holds true today so I thought I would update this piece. In today’s world people seem jaded about college athletics. This probably comes with good reason given the […]

Mirissa D. Price: 5 Life Lessons From the Heart

Everything except for life, that is. I wouldn’t say it takes a Harvard Medical School education to come to this realization, but I am going to let you in on the secrets hidden in the confines of a $ 400,000 degree: Read more: Life, Life Lessons, Life Hacks, Life Hack, Life Happiness, Best Life Hacks, […]

Michael Feeley: What’s in Your Heart When You Give… Me, Me, Me or You?

Have you ever been struck by how someone is kind to another person? Suddenly taken by the helpful, generous and considerate words or actions of one… Read more: Giving, Kindness, Personal Development, Self-Help, Charity, Change, Life Coaching, Healthy Living News Personal Development on Huffington Post