A New Yorker’s Guide to the Silvery Sounds of the Season

Listings of holiday music and special events throughout the month of December. Christmas

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Hired As A Flight Attendant

Ask anyone who has landed a job as a flight attendant on a major airline, and they’ll tell you that the flight attendant hiring process is one of the most challenging experiences they’ve ever had to face. It’s long; it’s intense; it’s mentally and physically exhausting… and to those who impressed recruiters enough to get […]

A Dummies Guide to ‘Unspoken’ Elevator Etiquette

Embed from Getty Images We all know the feeling — that daily trance you’re in as you approach the elevator doors, headed to your office. It’s an awkward journey until you step off at your destination floor. You probably already know the classic elevator protocol: ladies first, stand toward the back upon entering, and of […]

This College Cheerleader ‘How-To’ Guide Is Complete BS

The University of Washington made a bit of a misstep when they published a guide to cheerleader “do’s” and “don’ts” — solely focused on very specific physical qualifications. The infographic was shared on social media this week ahead of try-outs for the team, featuring a white, thin, young blonde woman dressed in a black sports bra […]