GOP Health Bill Could Let Companies Pressure Workers To Give Genetic Test Results

WASHINGTON ― Imagine your employer wants you to submit to genetic testing as part of a “workplace wellness” program. The testing is completely voluntary, your employer says. If you’re concerned about your privacy, no one can force you to take part. There’s just one catch: Declining to provide genetic testing results will cost you thousands […]

Forget the Tie. Give a Gift That Matters

You can give a present with more impact than a tie. Christmas

Give Rio A Break!

As we grow closer to the opening of the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro, I am reminded of the various traditions that go with the run up to the Olympic Games. For example, the Olympic trials in various sports are providing a constant decrease in the number of athletes around the world who are […]

17 Photos That Will Give You A Raging Hockey Boner

Dat glass. Look, I’m sure your local community skating rink is a thing of beauty. Instagram: @xoto_ And I’m sure your backyard rink is on point. But this is winter. In Canada. And the sweetest hockey rinks of all aren’t rinks at all. Instagram: @jospurrell I’m talking about the unrivaled, erotic majesty of our all-natural […]

Michael Feeley: What’s in Your Heart When You Give… Me, Me, Me or You?

Have you ever been struck by how someone is kind to another person? Suddenly taken by the helpful, generous and considerate words or actions of one… Read more: Giving, Kindness, Personal Development, Self-Help, Charity, Change, Life Coaching, Healthy Living News Personal Development on Huffington Post