Jimmy Fallon Gets Super Competitive Playing ‘Mario Kart’ With NASCAR Stars

Jimmy Fallon challenged four NASCAR greats to a “Mario Kart 8” tournament on Friday. But “The Tonight Show” host soon realized he’d bitten off significantly more than he could chew, despite his super-competitive streak. Fallon was wildly confident of victory at the start of the segment, but he just couldn’t contend with the video game […]

Chelsea Leigh Trescott: Advice Column: How To Handle Yourself When A Breakup Gets The Best Of You

What if it isn’t malice at all that provokes the worst in us but a sadness that we fail to pinpoint? Read more: Breakups, Women, Love and Relationships, Relationships, Relationship Advice, Self Love, Self-Help, Women's Empowerment, Emotional Wellness, Emotional Intelligence, Advice and Health, Relationship Problems, Female Artists, Female Empowerment, Healthy Living, Mindfulness, Personal Development, Women […]

Iceland’s Excitable Soccer Commentator Gets The Black Metal Remix He Deserves

Icelandic soccer commentator Gudmundur Benediktsson’s hysterical match reports from Euro 2016 have earned him quite the fanbase. And now his overly excitable narrations of his national team’s games have been mashed up over black metal music. Weirdly, it’s the perfect fit. Listen to it here: Sadly, Iceland’s run in the tournament came to a sudden end […]

Parkinson’s Causes His Body To Freeze Up. Only One Thing Gets Him Moving Again.

I’m on the heavy bag, throwing left jabs, ignoring the relentless blare of Kanye’s “Drive Slow, Homie” played at a volume that would raise the dead. I punch to a one-two count: left jab, right cross. I’m working as hard as I’ve ever worked, and even in this unheated gym I sweat as if it’s […]