Watch 3 Englishmen Struggle To Free A Bike From An Electric Fence — And Try Not To Laugh

Happiness is watching this video of three Englishmen trying to free a bicycle from an electric fence. The trio repeatedly fail to extricate the fat bike, which one of them accidentally dropped onto the barrier without knowing it was electrified. There’s plenty of explicit language, laughter and bickering about how best to proceed as they’re […]

“Buy One, Get One Free?” There is No Such Thing!

The food market closest to my home went out of business recently, and was replaced by a supermarket chain. In most respects, the new store is an improvement over the one it replaced, except for one thing: its pricing system is permeated by buy-one-get -one-free offers. I went to the store recently to buy some […]

Watch Muhammad Ali Explain Why He Feels More Free In Africa Than The U.S.

Footage of Muhammad Ali from the 2009 documentary “Soul Power” captures intimate moments when the legendary boxer expressed his pride in Africa while visiting Zaire in 1974. Ali was in Kinshasa, the capital of what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo, weeks ahead of a heavyweight world championship fight with George Foreman — an […]