Michelle Dempsey: Celebrating My Fourth Birthday As An Adult Woman (A Story Of Reinvention)

This weekend is my fourth birthday. Well, let me clarify. I’m a relatively mature 32 years old and frankly, I have enough life experience to easily d… Read more: Women's Empowerment, Empowerment, Self-Help, Self-Esteem, Self-Improvement, Reinvention, Birthdays, Personal Development, Women News Personal Development on Huffington Post

Superstar Simone Biles Wins Her Fourth Gold Medal And Makes History

It’s official: Simone Biles is the first U.S. gymnast ever to win four Olympic gold medals.  After winning the team final and individual all-around title last week, Biles won her third gold medal in the vault final on Sunday, making her one of three members of an exclusive three-gold club. For 48 hours, she shared […]