Water Skier Smacked In Crotch By Flying Fish (You’ll Feel It, Too)

As viral videos go, this one is nuts. Last week, a collegiate water skier in Japan was smacked in the crotch by a flying fish that jumped out of the water as he came by. The skier, known as Miroku, is a member of the Waterski Team at Waseda University, according to RocketNews 24. Miroku was […]

Bronwen Sciortino: What To Do When You Feel Like You’re Stuck In Your Own Life

It’s perfectly acceptable to make up your own rules now that you’re an adult. Let’s face it: your life is stuck because you’re playing by everyone else’s rules, and if you’re stuck that’s a pretty clear indication that it’s not working for you. Read more: Women, Leadership, Personal Development, Stress, Women News Personal Development on […]

The Thunder Finally Made The Great Warriors Feel Pretty Bummed In Game 3

Score update: pic.twitter.com/MdDTbnQTwx — GoldenStateWarriors (@warriors) May 23, 2016 See that? For real! The Golden State Warriors played the worst game of their record-setting 73-win season on Sunday night. They’re the defending champions, and have felt like the Kings of the NBA for about 20 months now. But tonight, for the first time in what […]