Charmaine Carraway: There Is No Freedom Living In a State Of Fear

We often see freedom as one’s ability to move freely. However, we should consider the true essence of FREEDOM! Living in a free society, I once thought that I was able to do as I pleased, live as I pleased and say what I pleased, as long as I did not infringe on others. I […]

Andrea V. Schroll : 5 Ways To Overcome Fear Of Judgment

Do more of what you enjoy doing. Get that gym membership you’ve been slacking on, look into a therapist or personal coach, take a vacation you’ve been wanting to go on, get a massage, read a great personal development book — just do something. Read more: Self-Help, Self-Improvement, Personal Development, Women's Empowerment, Women News Personal […]

A Gold Medal in Fear Mongering

Co-authored by Donald Thea and George Annas As the Olympics draw near, is it time to reassess the Zika risks of holding them in Brazil, or even to initiate a travel ban on Rio? 100 “experts” seem to think so. On May 27, they released an open letter to the World Health Organization urging that […]