Weather Channel Destroys Breitbart Over BS Climate Change Story

A week after Breitbart News published a wildly inaccurate article chalking climate change up as a hoax, The Weather Channel decided to teach the hyper-conservative news outlet a thing or two about scientific fact. In a post to its website, TWC called the Breitbart piece, which relied heavily on a story published in the Daily Mail, “a prime example […]

ROAD RAGE: Angry Cyclist Jeremy Santucci Destroys Friend’s Bike After Crash

Cyclist Jeremy Santucci threw a temper tantrum after crashing during a race, and smashed the bike he had been riding.  Video from the Red Hook Criterium in Milan on Saturday showed Santucci smashing the bike against the ground and snapping it in half. When people on the sidelines questioned his actions, Santucci said the bike […]

Obama Destroys Young Careers – Part Two

When President Obama declared that anyone earning less than $ 47,500/year would be taken advantage of if not paid overtime, he made sure to exclude one class of Americans. I’ll get to who is less deserving than the rest of us in a moment. This is the second of two installments – here’s the first: […]