WTF Happened To Curt Schilling?

The sign appeared in a window above Boylston Street as the Red Sox paraded through downtown Boston to celebrate the team’s first World Series title in 86 years. Schilling/Bush ‘04. It was a tribute to Curt Schilling, the pitcher who’d been brought to Boston to boost a team that hadn’t won baseball’s biggest prize since […]

Now Curt Schilling Thinks Lynchings Are Just ‘So Much Awesome’

Former baseball star Curt Schilling is back in the news for yet another outrageous comment, this time tweeting about how “awesome” it is to lynch journalists.  On Monday, Schilling sent out this tweet showing someone at a Donald Trump event, which he has since deleted: Schilling later defending his comment as “sarcasm” in a series […]

Curt Schilling Baffled By Jewish People, Asks Jake Tapper To Explain

Curt Schilling, a man who is totally fine with grown men checking out 10-year-old girls, doesn’t understand how people of the Jewish faith can vote for Democrats. Specifically, how could they possibly be anything more than one-issue voters focused singularly on Israel?  So the former Red Sox pitcher and likely future Republican Senate candidate asked CNN’s Jake Tapper […]

Curt Schilling Fired By ESPN Over Transgender Facebook Post

“ESPN is an inclusive company,” the company said in a statement. Schilling shared the above Facebook post from another user, but later deleted it. “A man is a man no matter what they call themselves,” Schilling commented on the post, which he apparently said in response to a recent North Carolina law that restricts transgender […]