JetBlue Could Soon Let You Scan Your Face To Board Planes

Facial recognition boarding is about to take off.  JetBlue is offering the technology to customers flying between Boston and the Caribbean island of Aruba this month. The airline announced on Wednesday that it would test the new software on the route from Boston’s Logan International Airport in partnership with Customs and Border Protection. The process begins after […]

My Experience With Vicodin Taught Me That Any Of Us Could Be Tiger Woods

In late October of 1996, after spending two weeks curled up in the fetal position in excruciating pain from a Crohn’s disease flareup, I shook my husband awake at 2 a.m. and in complete seriousness asked him to bring me a big kitchen knife.  “Huh?” he asked, groggily. “What for?” “I just need to cut […]

Amazon’s Grip On The Book World Could Silence The Stories That Matter

This morning, Amazon ― the online bookseller-turned-everything store ― opened the doors to its latest brick-and-mortar outpost in New York City’s Columbus Circle. The company added in-person retail to its arsenal of buying options in 2015, when it opened a store in Seattle. Beginning today, it occupies a space where a Borders once was. Unlike […]

A California Bill Could Totally Disrupt The Dialysis Industry

HBO’s John Oliver took on the dialysis industry a couple of weeks ago, highlighting a pair of companies that have a near-monopoly on keeping your kidney functions going. Between them, these two businesses ― one based in Colorado and one in Germany ― control 70 percent of all the dialysis centers in the U.S. In […]

GOP Health Bill Could Let Companies Pressure Workers To Give Genetic Test Results

WASHINGTON ― Imagine your employer wants you to submit to genetic testing as part of a “workplace wellness” program. The testing is completely voluntary, your employer says. If you’re concerned about your privacy, no one can force you to take part. There’s just one catch: Declining to provide genetic testing results will cost you thousands […]