Woman Awarded $100,000 For Starbucks Coffee Burns

Starbucks has been ordered to pay a Florida woman $ 100,000 after she suffered first- and second-degree burns from their coffee, her lawyers announced. Joanne Mogavero, 43, endured permanent scarring after the lid on a venti-sized Pike Place coffee popped off at a Jacksonville drive-thru window in 2014. The slip led to the scalding, 190-degree beverage […]

Jay Crisp Crow: Why I Can’t Meet You For A Quick Business Coffee

It actually pains me. I am roaring through my inbox (still haven’t taken the time to set up the email filters like my business coach has taught me to), trying to maximise my writing time while handling incoming emails, upgrading my proposal document, and carefully scheduling every moment of my Google calendar for maximum efficiency. […]