Vicky Law: Your Past Can’t Stop You – How This Millennial Entrepreneur Succeeded Against All Odds

“From day one, my mom has always told me ‘I knew there was something special about you from the day I held you in my arms when you were born.’” But f… Read more: Matt Aitchison, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurs, Podcast, Podcasts, Transformation, Personal Development, Personal Growth, Personal Transformation, Real Estate, Mindset, Growth Mindset, Business News Personal […]

Colin Kaepernick’s Pig Socks Can’t Be As Bad As This Football Team’s Name

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick said his socks depicting police officers as pigs are part of a personal protest against “rogue cops” who endanger their well-intentioned colleagues and the community.  Photos of Kaepernick wearing the socks surfaced Thursday, insulting law enforcement, stirring controversy and vaulting the quarterback back into the news. Kaepernick had another front-page moment […]