Pam Bauer: How To Break Up With Black Or White Thinking

Sometimes we get stuck and we don’t even know it. It happens in our thinking. It isn’t obvious, like walking across a room into a wall that stops us … Read more: Positive Thinking, Negative Thinking, Personal Growth, Personal Development, Assumptions, Healthy Living News Personal Development on Huffington Post

Give Rio A Break!

As we grow closer to the opening of the Olympic Village in Rio de Janeiro, I am reminded of the various traditions that go with the run up to the Olympic Games. For example, the Olympic trials in various sports are providing a constant decrease in the number of athletes around the world who are […]

100-Year-Old Makes A Dash To Break Guinness’ 100-Meter Record

With “Jesus as my coach,” a 100-year-old runner in South Carolina is hoping that she has just broken the Guinness World Record for fastest 100-meter dash by a runner over 100-years-old. Ella Mae Colbert’s first attempt ended Tuesday when she stumbled and fell in front of cheering family and well-wishers who lined the track at […]