These Comedians Are Looking For The $840 Billion Missing Due To The Wage Gap

The gender pay gap is still a very real thing. According to data, women earn “90 percent as much as men at age 25 and about 55 percent as much at age 45.” In total, this equals out to a huge difference in pay each year — about $ 840 billion. Comedians Tracy Soren and Jessie […]

Dubai Unveils Plans For Marsa Al Arab, A $1.7 Billion Island Resort

Dubai plans to develop a $ 1.7 billion tourist resort on two man-made islands it will build either side of the Burj Al Arab, its luxury sail-shaped hotel. It is the latest development planned by the emirate as it aims to attract 20 million visitors a year by 2020, when Dubai will host the World Expo […]

Americans Would Pay $17.2 Billion To Prevent Another Deepwater Horizon Disaster

As the world looks back on BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster seven years later, a study released this week highlights the costly ecological impacts of the largest maritime oil spill on record. Scientists found that Americans would be willing to pay an estimated $ 17.2 billion to prevent another catastrophe like the BP oil spill, which […]