Donald Trump To Close Foundation To Avoid Potential Conflicts Of Interest

President-elect Donald Trump will close his foundation, he announced on Saturday. The decision is part of a series of moves that appear aimed at resolving some of the most glaring potential conflicts of interest that his business and philanthropic empire poses. But he’s still stopping short of what top ethics experts recommend, The New York Times reported […]

Nozomi Morgan: Transmitting Negativity? A One Word Energy Killer to Avoid Today

What you say is an outward manifestation of what you think. What you put out into the world represents you. Read more: Career, Leadership Lifestyle, Mindset, Personal Development, Professional Development, Business News Personal Development on Huffington Post

What Apple Must Do To Avoid Compound Errors

When things go off track, stop; accept the consequences; regroup; rethink; get back on track. It makes so much sense when you read it here. Why then is it so hard to remember in the heat of the moment? Because hope is a powerful thing. And none of us likes to admit an error, a […]