Dog Interrupts Soccer Game For 7 Minutes And Becomes The Star Attraction

Dogs interrupting sporting events has a beloved place on the internet, but this playful pooch may have outdone them all. Viral video shows an agile beagle avoiding the grasp of players, officials and fans for about 7 minutes during Saturday’s British soccer match between Skelmersdale United and host Halesowen Town, the Sun reports. These two clubs […]

Kelli Cooper: Law Of Attraction: The Problematic Issues Of ‘Fairness’ And ‘Deserving’

Remember what I said earlier about the neutrality of the process-input and output. This examination is the key to a deeper understanding of what is driving your experience, and that knowledge gives you the power to effect positive change. Read more: Law of Attraction, Loa, Personal Development, Self-Improvement, Conscious Creation, New Thought, GPS for the […]

Kelli Cooper: Law of Attraction: 4 Ways You’re Derailing Deliberate Creation

If you want this amazing — but neutral — force to do its thing for you, you are going to have to actively decide to operate differently. You may not fully trust or believe, that’s cool. But that willingness to give it a try is a must. Read more: Law of Attraction, Personal Development, New […]

Kelli Cooper: Law of Attraction: What’s the Deal With Action?

We will want to take actions. We are here having this physical experience and never doing anything would be boring. Our mind can’t really accept this idea and it is likely we will continue to take more action that is necessary because we fear nothing will happen if we don’t — it’s all good. Read […]