The Way Americans Retire Is Broken. Here Are 5 Ideas For Fixing It.

Retirement, for me, is like stepping off the diving board into the deep pool of the rest of my life ― a little scary with no turning back once I’ve done it.  I’m 67, squarely in the crosshairs of the “when should I retire?” conversation. The discussion is generally framed around how much money you need, […]

5 Groups Of Americans Who’ll Get Shafted Under Trump’s Hiring Freeze

It’s been several days, which makes it seems like old news in Donald Trump’s frenetic and disordered world. But this will affect a lot of us, so it’s important. Trump, in what’s been hyped as an “unprecedented” move, has instituted a freeze on the hiring of federal employees. Hyperbole aside (it’s hardly unprecedented, since Ronald […]