Hunger In Rural America Is Less Visible, But Just As Pressing

When it comes to hunger in America, there’s both good and bad news. The good news is that the percentage of Americans living in “food insecure” households — meaning their eating patterns are disrupted or their food intake is reduced — appears to be on the decline, according to anti-hunger advocacy group Feeding America’s latest Map […]

Attorney For Bill O’Reilly Accuser Calls Fox News ‘The Bill Cosby Of Corporate America’

Lisa Bloom, the attorney for a former Fox News guest holding a press conference Monday, ripped the network’s handling of sexual harassment lawsuits against top-rated primetime host Bill O’Reilly and called for an independent investigation.  “How many women have to come forward?” Bloom, who has also served as an NBC News legal analyst, asked Sunday […]

Russians At Home And In America Expect Trump To Deliver — But On What Depends

While the American people may be divided over Donald Trump’s presidency, most Russians at home and in the U.S. support Trump. Russia quite uniformly celebrated the new U.S. president’s inauguration on a grand scale, and though the excitement was slightly toned down this past week ― with more moderate hopes and embraces of Trump’s first […]

Aretha Franklin Serenaded America With 5-Minute National Anthem

National treasure Aretha Franklin performed a showstopping rendition of the National Anthem ahead of the Detroit Lions-Minnesota Vikings Thanksgiving Day game at Detroit’s Ford Field on Thursday. Franklin’s 5-minute performance surprised viewers accustomed to versions that typically last for about half that time, like Whitney Houston’s iconic, fast-paced rendition, which clocked in at about 2 minutes. […]

I Disagree With Colin Kaepernick’s Protest. But Ain’t That America?

For the first time since he ran over my Green Bay Packers, and got his team to the Super Bowl and deep into the playoffs in other years, people are paying attention to Colin Kaepernick, but not for his on-field heroics. He’s the talk of sports, and politics, for his National Anthem protest. I can’t […]

O.J. Simpson Didn’t Want To Be Associated With Black America. Then He Came To Symbolize It

In 1969, back when he was just a few months removed from going first overall in the NFL Draft to the Buffalo Bills, O.J. Simpson told then New York Times journalist Robert Lipsyte a story.  The two were with Howard Cosell at Joe Namath’s bar, Bachelors III, in New York when a youthful Simpson started […]