Adidas Sent Congratulatory Email To People Who ‘Survived’ Boston Marathon

Adidas has some explaining to do.  On Tuesday, one day after the Boston Marathon, the brand sent out an email about the big race. The email, which was sent to The Huffington Post, advertised new products and also asked runners to share pictures of their marathon experience.  But it was the email subject line, “Congrats, […]

The Fabric On These Adidas Shoes Will Decompose In Your Sink

Adidas has unveiled a new shoe featuring biodegradable fabric that’s designed to break down within hours of its disposal using a water and enzyme solution. The one catch: the design appears to be attached to a foam sole ― suggesting that a large portion of the shoe would still end up in a landfill. Adidas’ […]

Kanye West’s Partnership With Adidas Is About To Get HUGE

Kanye West is taking over the world, one namesake Adidas store at a time.  The sportswear brand and music/fashion mogul, whose partnership thus far has spanned three clothing collections and sneaker designs that flew off the shelves, announced Wednesday their plans to take the next step in their relationship: “a Yeezy branded entity creating footwear, […]