Adam Jones Says He Was Hit With Racist Taunts And Peanuts At Fenway Park

After celebrating the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson breaking thecolor barrier in April, baseball was just reminded of how far it still has to go. Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles said fans hurled racial slurs and food at him at Fenway Park in Boston on Monday. “A disrespectful person threw a bag of peanuts […]

Adam Brody Tackles The American Dream In New Show

Adam Brody’s new show, “StartUp,” premieres Tuesday on Crackle, making it one of the first original big-budget dramas for the web-streaming service. The series centers around a trio from traditionally different socioeconomic classes who try to start a cryptocurrency business with stolen money. Although their company, GenCoin, starts on shaky legal footing, the group quickly discovers […]

Charlie Adam Scores Incredible Goal From Own Half Of Field

In the 44th minute of an English Premier League match on Saturday, Stoke City midfielder Charlie Adam noticed, all the way from his team’s side of the field, that Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois was badly out of position. He proceeded to launch a perfectly calibrated strike from roughly sixty yards out, which snuck its way […]