21st Century Leadership Intelligence

Being an effective leader of people in today’s world seems to be much more complicated than in years past. In the previous century, for the vast majority, work was approached as a means for survival. The level of employee engagement did not dictate how long they stayed in the role. That’s different today, however. Working […]

Kallen Diggs: Compassion: The Best Investment of the 21st Century

Compassion is the best investment of the 21st century. This thought was reinforced during my time at the 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat. Read more: Personal Development, Self-Help, Gps Guide, Power of Humanity, Life Handbook, Good News News Personal Development on Huffington Post

The Tontine: A 17th Century Solution to a 21st Century Problem

The tontine is an investment scheme where each of a group of participants pays a specified sum into a fund and receives a pro rata share of the income generated by the fund, but when a participant dies their share is divided among those remaining. As the number of participants dwindles, those remaining receive increasingly […]