Obama Gives A Shoutout To Equal Pay While Honoring The 2015 WNBA Champs

President Barack Obama honored the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx at the White House on Monday and stressed the importance of “equal pay for equal work” during his speech.  His remarks, which kicked off with an impromptu high-five from coach Cheryl Reeve’s son Oliver, covered the “powerhouse” team’s championship season, their involvement in the Minneapolis community and […]

Airline Profits Soar To Jaw-Dropping Record In 2015

While you, the customers, had your knees pinned against the seat in front of you and were forced to swallow record baggage and booking fees last year, the U.S. airline industry saw profits soar to the very cushiest of highs. The Department of Transportation reported Monday that 25 U.S. airline companies combined in 2015 for after-tax earnings of $ […]

The Hardest 2015 Football Quiz You’ll Take This Year

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21 Reasons Why Amy Schumer Was The One True Hero Of 2015

We are not worthy. Because she was without a doubt this year’s — no, this century’s — champion of prank sexts: Because she was refreshingly honest about the true plight of being a woman: Because she crashed this Game of Thrones cast pic and actually lived to tell the tale. Instagram: @amyschumer View Entire List […]

15 Most Inspiring Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Of 2015

Warning: this might make you crave grilled cheese. This monumental cascade of melted goodness. Instagram: @bullbearbar This magnificently overloaded oozefest. Instagram: @nyc_nomad1 This structurally unsound feast. Instagram: @new_wave_foodie This flawless model of the classic “cheese bridge.” Instagram: @ny View Entire List › BuzzFeed – Culture